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How much will we pay you for answering online surveys?

You will be rewarded for every survey you complete. The amount of money you will receive depends on the length and type of survey (please see table below). As soon as survey is finished, rewards are added and accumulated on your panel account. Once you reach transaction minimum you can transfer your money to your PayPal account.

Your money will be transferred to your online account at PayPal within 1 to 4 business days.

To get payment you need to have Paypal account (you can register for an account by going to paypal.com).
It is very important that your Paypal account has the same email address as the email address you receive surveys to (we send money only to this email) - here you will find more information. To complete the transaction you need to approve it in your PayPal account within 30 days. PayPal charges a 2% handling fee for transferring money to your PayPal account.

Connected Payment Methods

Panelists can redeem their rewards using the following method/s once they have earned the minimum amount per transaction.

Payment Name

Transaction value in EUR

Cint - PayPal (PayPal Bulgaria)

10.00 EUR

Panelist reward model

The model below illustrates what a panelist will earn for a completed survey of a given length in minutes. Maximum length of the interview shall not exceed 30 minutes.

From - To (in minutes)
Reward (EUR)
0 - 2 0.10 EUR
3 - 4 0.20 EUR
5 0.20 EUR
6 - 7 0.30 EUR
8 - 9 0.30 EUR
10 - 11 0.40 EUR
12 - 13 0.40 EUR
14 - 15 0.50 EUR
16 - 18 0.70 EUR
19 - 20 0.70 EUR
21 - 23 0.80 EUR
24 - 25 0.90 EUR
26 - 27 1.00 EUR
28 - 30 1.30 EUR

TGM Research - mobile surveys

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